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Creative assassins

We’re designers, innovators, strategists and obsessed with creating things.

Combined we have over 10 years worth of design experience working with Australian and international companies to create new and exciting brand experiences.

Justin bear

Justin Marchant / Founder and Creative Director

Drill sergeant.

Justin brings over half a decade of design experience and is responsible for consulting with clients, managing projects, building informational content and providing a strategic framework to every project. He is also the office DJ blasting old school gangsta rap for the team. When he is not in the studio he is going for walks with his dog Pablo, racing sports cars, go-karts or relaxing with his friends and family.

Alex bear

Alex Patlidanoski / Senior designer

Anything is possible.

Alex is a talented gun for hire that brings his passion for design and eager attitude to every project. He is not afraid to experiment and push the limits of design and will take on any design challenge big or small. When he is not working you can find him at your local JDM meet, cruising in his beloved skyline or blowing off steam with some late night gaming.

Pablo bear

Pablo / office dog

El patrón.

Pablo is the big dog around here. You will find him hovering around and doing security checks to make sure there are no snacks on the loose. When he is not barking orders at the team he is snuggling up in his bed or chewing his toys.