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$3,980 AU

Just the shell

For companies that need a quick professional looking wireframe design. They are not interested in a fully branded, realistic prototype, they just need the overall structure of the software for planning purposes. Doesn’t include image assets, colour, styled layouts.

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$30,000+ AU

Enterprise prototype design

For companies that have complex or multiple user processes. Serious entrepreneurs that need supporting pitch materials and need a dedicated design team for multiple design changes.

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Everyone has an great app idea

But do you? Before you run off to your nearest software or app developer with your million dollar idea, have you confirmed whether your customers would use your new app? Have you thought about building a proof-of-concept prior to investing thousands of dollars in software development?

Our process

Build an effective low-cost prototype of your new website or app idea to road-test

As you know, hiring a team of software engineers to develop and code your new product can be incredibly expensive. What if you could build a minimum viable product (MVP) that:

Is easy to change rapidly, at low-cost, with ease
Allows you to get immediate feedback
Is easy to road-test

The process

User Interface planning
1. User flow planning

To kick things off we will identify your ideal user and create their user persona to understand their background, needs and pain points that your app can solve. Then we can plan out the best user experience, features and technical limitations. During this stage you will discuss with your development team any functionality issues and limitations that could affect the design.

2. Designing the shell

We’ll start designing your interactive wireframe screens. Low fidelity wireframes include the most basic content and visuals. They are used to help map out the shell of the interface, its screens and basic information architecture. You have rounds of changes to help refine your process.

User Interface planning
User Interface planning
3. Bring it to life

Once you have approved your wireframe design we will start adding your branding, images, fonts and bring the high fidelity prototype to life. Don’t have any branding? Check out our branding packages here. You will also a chance to make changes and refine the process. We recommend testing your prototype 1st so we can make changes based on the feedback.

4. Preparation for development

When the prototype has been approved and you have found your designated software developers, we will create the design specifications and assets for the software engineers to code and develop. We use ADOBE XD or FIGMA which allows us to share our specifications with anyone you choose. We can also provide referrals to talented developers to help you build your app.

User Interface planning
User Interface planning
5. We can design your next IM presentation & other supporting documents

You will need more than a interactive prototype to pitch your app idea to investors. Let's help you design a killer presentation or IM document for your next pitch.

Use our experience to your advantage

Our team has experience in building prototypes for industries such as banking, retail, building, and even mining. We put the user first, in other words, we build apps they want to use. Our framework helps you to identify your business objectives and your core users. We are able to align these and deliver a system that is easy to use and brings in results. Once we’re done, all your development team needs to do is follow the prototype design and focus on the actual development of your app or software (including font and back-end coding). 

Discover a new way to design successful websites, apps and software systems

Through rapid prototyping, we can help you create the initial concept of your software, app, or website, allowing you to get real and valuable feedback before project sign-off for development. The final approved concept will be a development-ready product that can be passed on to your development team, speeding up the process and reducing development time when costly changes need to be made after they’ve started development. If you’re time-poor and don’t have the confidence to coordinate multiple teams right now, no problem. Our experienced team are able to project manage your entire project for you, from wireframes to prototypes, and all the way through development to final implementation and quality assurance.

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Can't I just get it created by a developer straight away?

Sure, of course, you can. Anyone can go and get an app or website developed. What we’ve seen is countless horror stories where companies go straight to the software developer without a solid strategy, a clearly tested concept or even basic wireframes and they end up spending over $20,000 - $100,000 on a final product that is not up to standard or ignores their user’s needs. Why take the chance and risk thousands of dollars on creating something that doesn’t work the way you envisioned, is too hard to use, or simply doesn’t meet a need? 
Start with a prototype and know what you’re building.



How do I start a project?

Start your UI design project use the form below or call us 0412 916 968. We will ask you a few questions about your business and project goals. We will find out what solution will work best for you.

What types of payment do you accept?

We accept bank transfers and credit card payments.

What design software do you use?

We only use Adobe XD to create our prototype and specs. Adobe XD allows us to create high quality prototypes that can be shared with you and your team. Allowing you to add your feedback and notes with ease.

How can this save my company money?

A good prototype can cut development time in half, as it makes it clear and simple what the final design needs look like. It allows you to test your proof-of-concept and get valuable feedback before you start investing money in complicated software development.

Do I need to pay a deposit?

Yes, we will send you our proposal/work agreement to sign. Once signed we will need a 25% deposit to make it official. The 3 consecutive 25% payments through out the project. Final payment must be made at project completion.

What DO I get at the end of the project?

A typical UI design can include the following:

  • UI/UX planning session
  • Documentation
  • 2 user flows*
  • Low fidelity interactive screens (2 rounds of revision)
  • High fidelity interactive prototype (3 rounds of revisions)*
  • Choice of screen size iOS, Android, web applicalication
  • Accessable presentation link for desktop or mobile
  • Access offline directly from the XD app
What DON'T I get at the end of the project?

We do not include the following:

  • Copy writing / text for the prototype. You will have to supply this yourself.
  • Branding & custom illustrations such as infographics.
  • Testing sessions (we test internally through out the process, external testing is not included).
  • We can not provide prototypes in any format, other than Adobe XD or Figma.
Why should I use Black Bear Creative?

We provide big agency quality without the big agency price tag. We are not a generalist agency and we are not freelancers. Just a small team with big results.

What if I don’t like the final prototype?

With this solution, you receive 5 rounds of ideations so we can change and refine the design. If you want more rounds of revisions we can provide them to you at an additional cost. If for some reason we don’t live up to your expectations, we can organise a full refund. Please note that if you request a refund, you don’t get to own the Intellectual Property (IP) therefore you can’t use any of the designs. We may also disable the prototype link. Alternatively, we can just charge you for our progress of the project and send over everything we have created so far.

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