investing in a new brand identity?

Before you search for a logo designer and start your brand journey, you will need to know how to define your brand, have clear objectives for the project and know what deliverables to ask for.

This guide can help you get the most out of a brand identity project and help you to provide the correct relevant information for a brand identity/logo designer.

Download Your Brand Survival Kit

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Preparation is key and this survival kit will ask the questions you need to know. Without a clear vision of where your company is heading, your more likely to get lost in the branding jungle.

Define & Develop

Start developing and defining your companies brand. From it's personality, images it uses to convey your message and what does the brand stand for. Then you will be able to create a clear picture of your brand.

Know what to ask for

The survival kit goes through all the necessary must-haves that your brand identity needs to effectively communicate your story on all different types of media from print to digital formats.