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So you just got your new website live

After someone has just received their brand spanking new website deployed to the mysterious land of the internet I tend to get asked a lot of questions.

“Why am I unable to see my site?”.
“Why is nothing coming up when I google our business name and location?”
 “Is it broken? Did the developer make a mistake?”.

To put things as simple as possible and not bore you with a 5-hour SEO tutorial, I thought I would list for you my top 5 ways to have a basic bare bones SEO optimised site and answer some of these questions along the way.

1. Create a listing for your website on ‘Google My Business’

Especially if you have a brick and mortar business. ‘Google My Business’ will link your website to its map listing. This way when people search with location targeted keywords that are linked to your business, your website is more likely to be recognised by Google and show in in their searches.

2. Backlinks

Create backlinks on other websites to improve your reputation to Google. All of your social media platforms should be linked to your website. If you have a partner business, stockists, associates, you should be asking them to set up some backlinks to your website.

3. Try to get a website with a Blog functionality

 If you have a blog then use it! Create interesting content REGULARLY. Make sure your content is so good that everyone will want to share it within all of their networks. Also use keywords that are relevant to your customers. The more regularly you update your blog the more relevant your site is to Google. Google will then repay you in better search results.

4. Update your site regularly

If you haven’t updated anything your site since 2002 Google has surely forgotten about you and pushed your website down their search ranks. Add new photos, text, blog post and stay relevant.

5. Create a Google Webmaster Tools account (Only for the tech savvy)

A free service from Google that will provide you with loads of cool tools and alert you to anything that’s keeping your site from getting indexed by the search engines. You can even create sitemaps for your site which Google uses to index.

There are many ways to improve your rank through SEO, but if you are not a web developer or a SEO specialist then they can get a bit more complicated, to find out more information check out this great article by

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