Common asked questions as a logo designer. 

Which is what is your process to design a brand identities? Please bear in mind, that everyone has their own way in approaching logo design, so my way is based off what has worked well for me and my clients.

So to start I would normally get an email or phone call from a client saying hey! I need a logo for my business or I need a rebrand of my current logo can you help?

Creative Brief

At this stage if they have worked with a graphic designer before, they would normally send through a creative brief which normally answers my initial questions. If they are new to it all, I’d gather as much information on the project as possible, which will allow me to create an accurate price estimate. Questions normally include what does your business do? What final deliverables needed? When does the project need to be finished etc. After this I will determine the price estimate and send through my work agreement (Which is a contract that can be signed online, which protects both me and the client from anyone not providing from their end). Once signed and a payment of a 50% deposit has been made the real magic begins,

Research and Planning

So now we start researching and planning. Finding out more information about the client's’ organisation and goals, their industry, their current market position and where they want to be, who are their competitors and their intended target audience.I’ll see what styles work for their particular industry, what works and what doesn’t work for their competitors. Source image examples of logos, photography, colours from Pinterest, Behance, Dribbble, google and graphic design books then collate all this visual information to a mood board. The mood board helps to make sure that me and the client are all on the same page in terms of where we went to take the new brand identity and I can get valuable feedback from the client on what the client wants to see and what they don’t want to see.

Mind Map

Once we are all on the same page, we get to my favourite part which is creative concepts for the logo. Depending on the client's budget I like to create 3 strong concepts to pick from. I always start with pen to paper, I jot down a mind map with keywords relating to the name of the business and branch out to different words that have some sort of relation, this helps be me think of different design directions if I ever feel stuck on an idea, or feel like I’m struggling to create something unique.

Concept Sketches

I then create 10-30 quick sketch ideas, most of them will be garbage but I don’t stop till I have come up with a minimum of 4-5 decent ideas as a starting point. Why don’t you start straight to the desktop you ask? Because to create 10 - 30 quick ideas digital will take double to time and eat up most of my clients budget. That's why it's much quicker starting with pen and paper so I can quickly transfer ideas from my head straight to something physical. Once I’m done I will pick my top 4-5 and recreate them on my Mac.I will then push, pull, twist, slice and dice these concepts till I create a solid 4-5 concepts then with the help of my team and peers I will whittle the choices down to my top 3 concepts for my client to pick from, each one will take on a different design direction. Also everything is done in black and white because if these logos don’t work well in simple black and white, it’s most likely a shit logo that shouldn’t be used.

Colour Combinations

After some feedback from the client we then stick with one design direction, refine and modify it till me and the client are 100% happy. At this stage I will also test the logo at various sizes and positions. You always need to think ahead to how this logo will be applied, if it will for web or print publications. Once we are happy with the refined logo we then get to play with colour. I will try out multiple combinations high contrast, low contrast, warm and cool tones until I have a solid 3 options and from there the client will choose their favourite one.After we have the logo and the colours sorted, I like to provide a small style guide document - depending on the client's budget this can more extensive.

Style Guide

This style guide will go through how the logo should be used and applied to different media, what fonts to use, what colour values it used for both print and web purposes. Along with this I will create the required files the client will need to use the logo such as jpeg, png, pdf and eps.

Project Completion

The client then sends the other 50% of the payment at the end of project completion, then the client receives a brand spanking new brand identity that they can apply to their website, social media platforms, print collateral, you name it.

So I hope this helps you understand my process designing brand identities for clients. 

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