Communicate with your graphic designer

Communicate better with your graphic designer

Feel like you and your designer are on different planets? Here are some tips from an actual graphic designer to help free the line of communication and create a better working relationship. Doing so will help you and your designer produce a better end result.


Whether it’s verbal or written down during initial meetings, this is one of the most important pieces of information that can make you and your designers life a lot easier. If you want to save time, you can create and supply your own brief. Use Black Bear Creatives free brief template and fill in the details to create a solid brief that provides the designer with an overview of your project.

Discuss possible issues early

There is nothing worse for a designer than to reach the end of the project and find that the client wants major changes at the last minute. So if you have any issues with the project, speak up early before the designer spends hours refining and perfecting the design.

Provide CONSTRUCTIVE Feedback 

The key word is “constructive”. All designers can take criticism, it’s part of the job, but nothing kills creativity more than unnecessarily harsh and vague feedback, that doesn’t help anyone. When providing feedback be specific and refer to specific areas of the design. This will save time for the designer and will help them to figure out what areas will need improvement instead of guessing what you mean, when you say “it's ugly, fix it”. This will help your designer only focus on the key elements.

Remember Graphic Design is subjective

Graphic design is a type of art form, which means it can be interpreted differently by many different people. Just like when you listen to a specific song, your partner might like it but you might just hate it. Lucky your graphic designer is a trained visual communicator.

Provide all required text and images

Having all the finalised text and images helps to speed up the design process. The designer can see if the images and text will suit/ fit as soon as they design their layout, instead of having to rearrange and change everything at the end. (And never send designers text in images that can’t be copied and pasted).

Be open to new ideas

Try not be over controlling with your designer, let them do the hard work and creative thinking. Remember you're paying them for their creative solutions, not to just be a soulless pixel pusher. Most good graphic designers will try to provide innovative designs that appeal to your customers and not just copy your competitors.

Hope this brings you and your creative allies closer together to create amazing work that achieves your business goals. Remember to take a stab at writing your own creative briefs by using Black Bear Creative free brief template.

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