Design has the power to do many things in your business. Design impacts the look and feel of your business and therefore how people perceive your brand. Great design can engage customers, tell your story, create
positive perceptions about your business and potentially help you build brand loyalty that can last for generations.

Lousy design also wields enormous power. It can misrepresent your brand message, leave you looking unprofessional or
inexperienced, impact sales negatively (especially if your competitors have it right and you don’t)…

Although hard to measure, design can be a business investment that delivers excellent results for your business, especially if the investment is made in the right places.

Where to use design in business

Spending money on design services can seem like an unnecessary cost. However, good design
can positively impact your marketing and sales efforts to the extent that it becomes a good business investment.
Choosing where to use design can be a tough decision. Here are four areas of your business where good design can improve or boost sales over the long-term.

1. Start with branding

Your brand is the face of your business. It creates the initial perception people get about your business, sets the tone. Weak branding will flow throughout your customer touch points. Start by creating strong branding with a professional logo and visual assets that mirror your brand’s message and quality of products/services. A well-designed logo and brand (with a brand guideline) should be versatile so you can use it for different applications making it easy to be consistent throughout your business collateral.

Start with branding

2. Improve your website user experience

The experience people have on your website can determine its success, for example, whether your landing pages (if you have any) deliver leads or your e-commerce site delivers sales. Putting yourself in your customer’s shoes when looking at your website is an effective way to identify possible pain points they may be experiencing when navigating information or buying products on your website. Design and user experience methodology can help you review the user’s journey and correct any layout or functionality issues which can cause the user to drop off your site or go to a competitor’s website.

Improve website

3. Sales and POS material (Point of sale material)

In some instances, the final hurdle in your product sales cycle can be with your POS marketing material, when your customer engages with your product before making the final buying
decision. Well-developed POS and sales collateral, which has consistent branding throughout, can help customers identify with and remember your brand. Which will impact their final buying decision. Using design services to help create POS material that is different and creative can give your products/services a competitive edge, increase brand awareness and sales.

Improve Point of Sales Design

4. Digital Ads

Thanks to online advertising, remarketing, social media and email marketing, you can advertise to a massive audience. Your ‘creative’ needs to be on point, to break through the noise online and reach your audience. Design is the key here. It is needed to engage the audiences’ attention and get more eyeballs glued to your content.

Digital ads

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