5 things we learnt from setting up our 1st showcase.

Raw Wollongong’s Showcase NEXT was great fun and a new learning experience. It was our first showcase / exhibition and there was a lot of positives that we have taken away from this event. We thought we should share our experience and give you 5 pieces of advice that may help you if you are setting up your own 1st ever showcase.  

1. Preparation is key

What's the saying? Preparation prevents poor performance. We had a massive checklist which had all our to-do list and equipment we would need for the night. From lighting, cameras, props, tech equipment. Using something like Trello allowed us to keep on top of this checklist and ensure we didn’t forget anything. But be warned things don’t always go to plan so double check your equipment before you head off to set up. In our case we realised that we had 2 sets of incorrect velcro tape to mount our artworks and no scissors to cut the tape. Be prepared to make a quick dash to a local hardware store or art supply shop for those bits and pieces you have forgotten.

2. Get those business cards and marketing material ready

Everyone likes to take away free stuff, business cards, flyers or promo stickers. Ensure that you are all stocked up with goodies for people to take and make sure your contact details are visible on all pieces of material.

3. Meet and greet

Get up and walk around meet other creatives or people with similar interests. Networking is the name of the game when it comes to exhibiting and showcasing. See what other people are doing, introduce yourself and don’t be afraid to tell people what you do. You never know where your next client could come from.

4. If it’s a late one get caffeinated and get supplies.

If you are doing a night showcase then don’t forget to get snacks and caffeine to get your team through the night. Bottles of water, coffee and something to snack on will ensure you don’t have to leave your setup unattended and possibly missing new people that want to know more about your work.

5. Enjoy it and have fun

Take a step back and take it all in. Have fun and enjoy showing off your art that you have worked so hard for.

Special thanks to all our friends and family that could attend, our clients, RAW Wollongong for inviting us to take part, UOW for holding the event, Print Media for printing our corporate booklets and Photo Mart for the amazing job they did with our artwork.

Black Bear Team RAW setup
Justin Marchant on stage RAW 2017
Justin chatting to the audience about Black Bear Creative
Black Bear Setup
Black Bear Creative set up
Dylan from Black Bear Creative
Dylan from Black Bear Creative